cotcot: conditions of order two, conjugate times

cotcot is a Matlab package designed to compute extremals in the case of smooth Hamiltonian systems, and to obtain the associated conjugate points with respect to the performance index of the underlying optimal control problem.

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Reproducible research
"An article about computational science in a scientific publication is not the scholarship itself, it is merely advertising of the scholarship. The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures." J. Buckheit and D. Donoho (Stanford Univ.)

[1] Figures 6 and 7 code.
[2] Figures 1 and 2 code.
[3] Figure 1, see [2] Figure 1.
[4] Figures 3, 4a-4d, 5 and 6a-6b code.

cotcot package (Fortran 77, Adifor and Matlab 4 or higher required).
Link to Adifor at Rice.

See also
Hampath which extends cotcot by adding a differential homotopy layer.
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