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Team presentation

The APO (Algorithmes Parallèles et Optimisation/Parallel Algorithms and optimization) research team was created by Joseph Noailles and is currently headed by Serge Gratton. The team is mainly working on five major research axis:

  • Development of new methods for solving some very large sets of linear equations and its application to simulation problems
  • Optimal control and its applications to space trajectory computing
  • Global optimization and its applications
  • Data mining using supervised classification methods
  • Large scale optimization and data assimilation

The APO team also dedicates a part of its activity to the exploitation of some “supercomputing” facilities in order to manage and use some very large amount of data.

The team is highly involved in the CIMI LabEx (Laboratoire d'Excellence).

The team is also involved in the Cerfacs-IRIT joint lab. The main objective of the joint lab is to develop and implement numerical methods, to study their mathematical properties and to show how these novel methods can be used for solving real-life problems of interest for Cerfacs, IRIT and for their partners. The joint labrotatory gathers about 20 persons, 8 of them being permanent staff members from the two institutions.

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