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Sparse linear algebra and grid computing

  • MUMPS: Software platform for distributed memory parallel LU and LDLT factorization
  • TLSE : An expert site for sparse linear algebra on the GRID
  • MA41uns / MA49 : Shared memory parallel LU / QR factorization for sparse matrices.
    • Specification sheets: LU factorization (Real, Complex), QR factorization MA41 spec. sheets,
    • Software availability : Harwell Sub. Library and a free licence for non-commercial use of a research version of the codes can be obtained on request (mention your references (name, institution, address), and describe your project).
      The LU factorization based on work done with Chiara Puglisi ENSEEIHT-IRIT RT-APO-00-3, revised version appeared in SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, V24, No 2, pp. 553-569 (2002)< is also available on request.
  • qr_mumps: A multithreaded solver for sparse linear systems based on the multifrontal QR factorization.

Optimal control

  • WASP: a Wavelet Adaptive Solver for boundary value Problems
  • TfMin: Minimum Time Orbit Transfer Computation
  • MfMax: Maximum final Mass Orbit Transfer
  • Simplicial: a package for PL continuation
  • Cotcot: Conditions of order two and conjugate times
  • Shoot: a fortran package for solving Two Points Boundary Value Problems by the shooting method
  • Hampath: on solving optimal control problems by indirect and path following methods
  • nutopy: NUmerical TOolbox in PYthon (nutopy): optimal control toolbox and more
  • ct gallery: Juptyter notebooks for use cases using solvers of the nutopy toolbox

Global Optimization

  • IBBA : Software for solving Mixed Constrained Global Optimization Problems based on Interval Branch and Bound algorithms. This code is used by GREM3 of LAPLACE-ENSEEIHT for solving and design problems of electro-mechanical actuators.

Data Mining

  • : a spectral algorithm for clustering described in I.Duff et al. “Uncoverring hidden block structure for clustering”, ECML PKDD 2019 proceedings (to appear)
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